download (4)Agriculture and horticulture, both are the business types which need some kind of solution that can protect the crops from odd weather condition. The best solution which can tolerate the harsh weather condition efficiently is the Poly tunnel. You can buy the one for your residential property- if you have a garden in your home. Several other types of businesses also buy these tunnels for varied storage needs.

If you are thinking to spend money on a Polyethylene shade, then consider a few tips that can help you in buying the best product for agricultural or horticultural needs.

What you Need?

Every product is designed to meet with the specific requirements of individuals or businesses. These tunnels are also designed to provide protection from the storm, heat, rain, and winter. If you are planning to buy a tunnel, then first ask yourself a few questions. What are the requirements? Why need the shade? What type of area you want to cover? You should be very clear about your requirements to get the best solution. What if you want to raise seed or keep your garden frost-free in winter? Hence, it is always good to buy a product which can best match with your needs.

Check the Size:

Before you buy, you should make sure about the size of the area which you want to cover and size of the tunnel which will be covering that area. Measure the specific area and the tunnel also to get the best fit. Keep the scalability in mind before making the purchase. If there are chances of expanding the area in the future for growth, then opt for the suitable size of cover which can fulfill your growing requirements in future.

Is it Accessible Enough?

The accessibility should also be one of the main concerns while choosing a shade. How many plants you can grow and how much floor space will you have for the work? Do you need the water supply nearest to the tunnel or electricity for heating? A tunnel should also have the space for one or two persons to move around. Keep all these points in mind for accessibility before buying a product.

Types of Cover:

Covers generally come in several varieties and have several variants according to the material. Each is designed to solve various growing purposes. PVC, netting, Polyethylene are a few types of materials which are used to design these tunnels to provide protection from UV rays and cool wind. On the other side, they are categorized broadly into two types. One has continuous arc and named cross-sectional. Another has straight sides and arcs across the top. You can choose the one which can meet with your functional requirements. Choose the best type of cover which can offer the best result for your agriculture or horticulture needs.

Location of Installation:

Make sure about the evenness of the area where you are going to install the tunnel. The area should be in level; however, a slight slope in the length can be ignored.

These steps can help you in finding the best polytunnel for your area. You should conduct proper research about the manufacturer or supplier and the product quality. Make sure that the types of shade product you are going to buy for your property have adequate ventilation to help plants in growing.


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